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Our Staff

Trained, Hardworking Professionals


Kendra Wright our General Manger and Training Specialist has been cleaning houses with her great-grandmother since the age of 8years old. Born and raised in Charleston South Carolina Kendra had the opportunity too work in various different homes and business during her career a Professional cleaner. As a child, Kendra was fascinated with how her great grandmother would use different items and methods when she cleaned homes. Watching her great grandmother clean, Kendra developed a love and passion to clean. She remembers cleaning everything from the furniture to the floors. There is a old saying about good cooks “ People cook from the heart” well I clean from the heart”. Being raised in Charleston, I have had the opportunity to clean historical Plantations and Business.

We have a team of highly trained and dedicated team, who are committed to deliver you professional, precise and effectient  service to all our clients. Our team of expects practice all CDC compliant cleaning and safety rules. Our team are all background checked, drug tested and Vaccinated.

Our cleaning has old southern feel with a new twist that will “PerfectShine” your home or business

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